I have been living away from home for almost 6 years, missing my friends and family became part of my routine almost, it doesn’t make me cry everyday but I miss them regularly. My sister came to visit me for 2 months, having her around was great! Last thursday she left :( and I miss her more than I thought I would… <3

Saudades Ca!

Good morning, good coffee

Lately this is what makes my morning, coffee. I was never a big fan but somehow I just love it now, maybe it’s my taste bugs changing with age?

Good morning! :)coffee

New acquisition

New acquisition.

Haven’t been spending much lately {not even in a new pair of jeans much-needed after ripping my favorite pair trying to do a yoga pose at a friend’s house – embarrassing!} but I couldn’t resist these little spoons! I think it is a bit obvious that I like flowers, so might also be obvious that I only bought them because the flowers made them irresistible! :)

I bought them and showed them to my boyfriend. very enthusiastic. and he didn’t seem impressed with the spoons – so I said: you didn’t like them? (sad face) He: Natch, I am a boy! Me: aaaaaaah! true – hahahahhaha very good explanation why he wasn’t as excited as i was. It makes me laugh every time I remember it.

Flower spoons


Yesterday I decided to look closer into the Santa Maria news… I was already feeling sad and sorry about what happened, I don’t exactly blame the security guards for not letting people out, they didn’t know there was a fire, but that act shows how much we all are focussed on the wrong things, how money is more against us than for us..

When I was reading about it and browsing the internet, I found things, “little” details that made me feel deeply sad about it. text messages that young people sent out before dying asking for help, facebook status, phone calls, phones ringing on dead people’s pockets. I feel for them, I feel for their family…. young people, very young people. Life after all is so fragile… it makes you think what is the point of many things we do, we worry, that death is something we will all face one day. and in the end what matters the most are the details, the small things, gestures, words and we often forget about that.

Silently, I send my prayers to their families and friends, rest in peace.


Rushing through

Rushing through January, some flowers to brighten the day


The month of December

Even though December has as many days as a month can have it seems like the shortest month in the year, always filled with things to do, presents to buy, drinks to have, etc

But even with all the running around and lack of time December seems to have, I really like this month, it’s a month you spend with the people who really matters to you, it’s when you realize how many things you accomplished during the year and re-organize things for the year ahead.

Cities are full of little lights and Xmas decoration, it seems like it’s fairy tale time, love seems to be something more present, I like this vibe :o)

In other words, December is, to me, a month of wishes, of love and comfort.  <3

Have a wonderful december {or rest of December, have been doing SO many things it’s already the 20th, but that is what December does to us ;o)}


happy friday