When we are in the dark, when something makes us confused, sad, lost and our mind takes us to the worst places, as a first action we can take a deep breath, a shower, go for a walk and take a deep breath again.

These moments, makes us see the worst forecasts for our future, because we are constantly asking the wrong questions. We ask: why me? Why is this happening to me? Again? What am I supposed to do? What is wrong with me? Who is to blame? What is behind all this? Then our minds go find the answers, it goes after all the bad records to answer our bad questions.

If we ask: why is this good? In which aspect of my life can this be good? What opportunities does this situation brings to me? Where does it create space?

Then we create better answers, we change our perspective, we tell a better story to ourself, we see a better story for ourself.

Yes everything happens for a reason but we will not always know what that reason is, instead of trying to find the reason we can try to see what the situation is showing to us, what it brings, what opportunities open up, and see light in the end of the tunel.

It is so much more fun to choose to see the light in the end of the tunel, it is so much more fun to choose to be at peace, it is so much more fun to choose to be in joy and enjoy :)

Because life is about living, is about loving, is about opening up, is about riding waves for the thrill of it {and not to smooth out the ocean} ;)