Yesterday I decided to look closer into the Santa Maria news… I was already feeling sad and sorry about what happened, I don’t exactly blame the security guards for not letting people out, they didn’t know there was a fire, but that act shows how much we all are focussed on the wrong things, how money is more against us than for us..

When I was reading about it and browsing the internet, I found things, “little” details that made me feel deeply sad about it. text messages that young people sent out before dying asking for help, facebook status, phone calls, phones ringing on dead people’s pockets. I feel for them, I feel for their family…. young people, very young people. Life after all is so fragile… it makes you think what is the point of many things we do, we worry, that death is something we will all face one day. and in the end what matters the most are the details, the small things, gestures, words and we often forget about that.

Silently, I send my prayers to their families and friends, rest in peace.



Rushing through

Rushing through January, some flowers to brighten the day


The month of December

Even though December has as many days as a month can have it seems like the shortest month in the year, always filled with things to do, presents to buy, drinks to have, etc

But even with all the running around and lack of time December seems to have, I really like this month, it’s a month you spend with the people who really matters to you, it’s when you realize how many things you accomplished during the year and re-organize things for the year ahead.

Cities are full of little lights and Xmas decoration, it seems like it’s fairy tale time, love seems to be something more present, I like this vibe :o)

In other words, December is, to me, a month of wishes, of love and comfort.  <3

Have a wonderful december {or rest of December, have been doing SO many things it’s already the 20th, but that is what December does to us ;o)}


happy friday


I am starting to realize something here. every time I go to Brazil on holiday, I come back and it takes me a few weeks. not to say months. to start blogging again…

There is a reason. or two. for it:

1) It’s normal that when people come back from a holiday it takes them a while to get back into the routine again.

2) {kind of the same as reason 1 but different} it takes quite some time for me to adjust to Holland after being in Brazil, it takes me a little more time than what a normal person going for a normal holiday would need. Simply because I am leaving home and as soon as I get in the airport to come back here I am already missing my Country, never mind when I land in Holland..

So I fight against getting back to my routine because I just want to go back to Brazil instead.

I guess now I stopped fighting and I am back to my dutch routine , I am blogging again :o)

Right now I am in a bit of a hurry, well now, tomorrow, next month, next year. with lots of projects to juggle in a limited amount of time, from when I wake up till I go to bed I am working on stuff, different stuff, nice stuff, stuff I chose to do and want to do so :o)

Blogging is an extra little “project” {not really a project because there is no deadline or final result planned for it} and it is refreshing to do it, a little different from all the other things I am up to these days which evolves deadlines, objectives and a lot of hard work and discipline to get it done. So I like to have this one thing that has no rules and I can do whatever! it’s a little getaway :o)

Glad to be back! :o)

This summer

Texto em português no final do post

Summer has been good over here, we got to do many many things but now it is starting to get cold and today I was looking at the pictures from this summer and it warmed me up a bit :o) here is a few shots of how summer was in Holland. Hope you had a good summer too ;o).

{Amsterdam canal}

{Sunset on the beach}

{Boat ride}

{outdoor cinema}

{Tobias taking a picture of the sunset}

{Mid week picnic dinner}

{Rowing boat ride}




O verão foi bom aqui, não tão quente como o verão no Brasil mas foi gostoso, nos fizemos muitas coisas mas agora esta comecando a esfriar e hoje eu estava olhando as fotos que tiramos no verão e de ver as fotos eu sinto calor denovo :o)


Nati x

From top to bottom

Texto em português no final do post

I made cupcakes but that wasn’t enough, so I made a cream cheese frosting to go with it, but that wasn’t enough either, so I made little cute cases to put the cupcake on and here is the result

The frosting doesn’t look the professional type but it tastes really good and I think it is good for a first time try, I got the recipe here. The little cases I made out of paper and used a bit of fabric to decorate, I did it his and hers but I ate them both! :o)  G is not that into deserts. good for me.

{material to make the cases}

{Cupcake cases – just press on the lines to help fold and it’s done!}

{table setting for me and myself ;o)}


Eu fiz cupcakes pela primeira vez e decidi confeita-los e fazer as forminhas também :o) ficou super gostoso! e as forminhas são bem fáceis de fazer, só usei papel cartolina e pano pra fazer o lacinho. eu decorei de azul e rosa porque era pra ser um pra mim e um para o meu namorado, mas ele não gosta de doces então eu comi os dois! hehe