Yesterday I decided to look closer into the Santa Maria news… I was already feeling sad and sorry about what happened, I don’t exactly blame the security guards for not letting people out, they didn’t know there was a fire, but that act shows how much we all are focussed on the wrong things, how money is more against us than for us..

When I was reading about it and browsing the internet, I found things, “little” details that made me feel deeply sad about it. text messages that young people sent out before dying asking for help, facebook status, phone calls, phones ringing on dead people’s pockets. I feel for them, I feel for their family…. young people, very young people. Life after all is so fragile… it makes you think what is the point of many things we do, we worry, that death is something we will all face one day. and in the end what matters the most are the details, the small things, gestures, words and we often forget about that.

Silently, I send my prayers to their families and friends, rest in peace.