Let Go

Holding on to something that doesn’t belong to you anymore, that even tho you wanted it so bad to work out it is not working out right now, this is stressfull, holding on makes your hole body go stiff. The more you hold on the less you move on.

Holding on brings attachment, suffering, a feeling of dependency.

Letting go brings, hope, openess, light, a feeling of freedom. letting go makes your body relax. So letting go is necessary. Very easy to say, not so easy to put into practice.

Letting go is setting yourself and the other (person, things or situation) free, which is definately what we all want to be, free.

I have been learning/practicing to let go and I found that you need to nourish a few things within you:

  • {Faith} Faith that it will be ok, faith in yourself, faith that what is going come out of it is good, faith that letting go is the best thing to do.
  • {Love} Love for yourself and the other, trusting that love never truly leaves, understanding that you are always loved  and everyone is deserving of love. You let go because you love, because you love yourself and the other.
  • {Courage} The word courage means acting with your heart. courage to face with your heart what is to come, courage to truly let go, courage to move forward.

The first step is to accept, by accepting something you are already loosing up your fist. Then letting go starts, finger by finger…. I have been telling myself that it is ok to take time, and it is. Somethings are easier to let go than others and the hardest ones are where we learn a lot about ourselfes.

So I am learning a lot about myself lately, and this quote is starting to have more and more meaning to me:

“Love it will not betray, dismay or enslave you, It will set you free to be more like the man you are made to be.”