While we go on about doing our chores our mind go either to the past or the future. We think of what we have to do later today / tomorrow or going over something that happened yesterday, very rarely we are present.

So I have been practicing keeping myself present.

This weekend I had a “job” to drop my sister off in one city while she rode a horse to a farm at a city near by, and drive to pick her up at this farm. So I had to drive on a road where aparently nothing happened and had nothing along the way. No cars, no cafes, no people, no bars, “nothing”.

I kept myself as present as I could and noticed all this along the way, My father was also doing the same jurney, but he was driving my uncles car, along the same road, when I showed him the pictures I took he asked where they were from ;)


green field and blue sky{Beautiful blue sky}

Butterfly{Beautiful Butterfly – love when they are around}

purple pink flower{Can you see the flying ant?}

dog{This cute dog staring at me}

small waterfall{Small waterfall hidden in the background}

dream catcher{My Dream catcher with French hydrangea in the background}

road field with French hydrangeas{the dirt road filed with French hydrangeas}

When my dad saw this last picture he realised the images were from the same road he was on :)