I am starting to realize something here. every time I go to Brazil on holiday, I come back and it takes me a few weeks. not to say months. to start blogging again…

There is a reason. or two. for it:

1) It’s normal that when people come back from a holiday it takes them a while to get back into the routine again.

2) {kind of the same as reason 1 but different} it takes quite some time for me to adjust to Holland after being in Brazil, it takes me a little more time than what a normal person going for a normal holiday would need. Simply because I am leaving home and as soon as I get in the airport to come back here I am already missing my Country, never mind when I land in Holland..

So I fight against getting back to my routine because I just want to go back to Brazil instead.

I guess now I stopped fighting and I am back to my dutch routine , I am blogging again :o)

Right now I am in a bit of a hurry, well now, tomorrow, next month, next year. with lots of projects to juggle in a limited amount of time, from when I wake up till I go to bed I am working on stuff, different stuff, nice stuff, stuff I chose to do and want to do so :o)

Blogging is an extra little “project” {not really a project because there is no deadline or final result planned for it} and it is refreshing to do it, a little different from all the other things I am up to these days which evolves deadlines, objectives and a lot of hard work and discipline to get it done. So I like to have this one thing that has no rules and I can do whatever! it’s a little getaway :o)

Glad to be back! :o)