Went to Stockholm to visit G since he was there for work. It was so cold, that remembering it makes me shiver, I wanted to take a lot of a pictures but didn’t because the choice between having cold hands or freezing hands was a tough one and I very often chose to keep them in my pocket.

The place is beautiful and I would love to go back there in summer time. here are a few of the pictures I took

{Metro wall on Gamla stan stop}

{Old public phone}

{Cold but colorful – Gamla stan}

{woolen garland}


{Cafe on Skansen}

This cafe was our savior, we weren’t walking  for a long time but in that temperature you don’t need long until your toes start freezing, there was nothing around but snow, trees and some closed cafes/restaurants on the way. I was very happy when we found this cafe and got to defrost and have a nice cup of coffee :)