There are a few standard things we do/take people to when they come over to visit and some of them are:

{Flower market}

{Bike ride}

{Go to this cafe that seats on a roof top}

{Utrecht, OK this is not a standard place we take visitors, but every time anyone from my family comes we go there}

The cool thing of having visitors and showing them pretty much the same things is that you get a different point of view from them and sometimes they bring something to your attention you haven’t even noticed before.

My sister, for instance, was amazed by this statue called standing stone, I have seen it a million times on my way home but because my sister liked it so much and thought it was so funny, now I like it too and it is as if she left a piece of her here, because every single time I pass in front of it I have to think of her  :)

{Standing Stone}