{Carrot soup to be}

After all the crazy eating on Christmas, new years and a bit more after that with no festive reason, my sister and I decided to go on a detox diet for a week. If I was to list here all the things we couldn’t eat this post would become way too big, basically our diet was based on fruit, veggies, fish, water, silver rice, feta + goat’s cheese and nuts.

It wasn’t easy but also not as hard as it sounds, I have to say I felt pretty good and healthy. We came up with some pretty good soups and salads.

One of the salads, that became my sister’s favorite was the: Rucola, feta cheese, peaches, onions, mint and sugar snaps – delicious! in case you want to try, apart from chopping things and mixing it in a bowl with a bit of olive oil you cook the peaches and squeeze a bit of lime on them and add them hot to the salad. yummy!

It was great and I would do it again, but by the end of the week we could “eat a small child” as a friend of mine would say.