It’s been one week my sister went back home and a few weeks G left to Stockholm for work. Result:I have been completely alone for a week. I thought, with so much time in my hands, I would be able to do a few of the things I have been meaning to do and haven’t done because I didn’t have time.

well I have come to learn a few things….

  1. I am useless by myself , I have done nothing I planned on doing.
  2. I am great at watching movies and eating popcorn.
  3. I change my nail polish too frequently when I am by my self
  4. When G is not in town my agenda gets immediately full, which is a good thing and I use that as an excuse for not achieving everything I set myself to do during his absence. Smart.
  5. Cooking and cleaning the house at the same time doesn’t work for me. It used to work before because there was someone else in the house to watch the food (I didn’t realize that and always thought I was able to multitask, well I am not…)

So here I am, changing my nail polish, watching a movie, eating popcorn and thank God I will not burn dinner tonight because I will have dinner with friends :)

Who knows, maybe next week I will get round to do some of the things I had planned – I hope so, even though doing what I am doing is a lot of fun!

{Popcorn, my best friend at the moment}

* Picture credits = dutch houses by Blue jacaranda