My sister and I bumped into this poster in the underground in London. I’ve seen some posters from the same campaign before, but this one, for obvious reasons, made me go “yes. I would LOVE to have that for Christmas. Thank you very much!”

Not very often you see a picture (in this case an advert) that makes your heart beat with excitement. Of course there are a lot of amazing pictures and adverts out there, but there are only a few that you really relate to.

I absolutely love carnaval. Hence the name of my blog.

Images/ thoughts/ words that come to my mind when thinking of Carnaval = happy people, music, fun, friends, sun, dance, open, positive energy, colorful. The medicine to all my worries and problems. Everything I need to start the year 100% with the right foot.

And I tell you, it is NOT all about half-naked women dancing on the carnaval parade. The real deal is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than that!