I have been following this blog for a while and there were a few posts about this paper flower, which I found very cute and wanted to try it out, but there were no how to steps. Before the actual tutorial was published, I tried to make the flower. Not quite as successful as I hoped for.

So the tutorial was published a few days ago and I am very excited to try to do it again! It was saying on the tutorial that in order to make the flower I needed a glue gun. As soon as I read that I got all excited. I like these crafty tools, I am actually crazy for stationary stuff as well.

So I went out, a bit hopeless because they don’t seem to have a lot of crafty stores here in Amsterdam (or maybe I am just not searching hard enough). went to a few places and didn’t find it. As a last try I went to a DIY store, that mainly sells screws, hammers, showers and stuff. Really didn’t think I would find it there but I did!

I am super excited to use my new toy! just feel like glueing everything!

{Glue gun + glue}

*Had to buy some extra glue. enough to glue the whole house together if I wanted to : )