So I think I got a recycling paper disease, I just really feel like recycling paper… I have been collecting magazines for some time now. meaning not throwing it away, I am not going out and buying magazines like a crazy person. and I had this idea of drying the roses I bought a while ago to put them into my future recycled paper.

First I got the full roses and put them outside to dry, it didn’t quite work because the outside was drying but the inside of some of them were getting quite moldy, so I decided it would be better to separate the petals and spread them out on the table to dry. the thing was, G’s parents were coming to stay at ours for the week and I couldn’t really have petals all over the place, it might give them the wrong impression. So I made a center-piece out of it. Here it is my petal drier center-piece:


*Lost some of the roses in the drying process because of the moldy center issue, but I think I still have enough petals to make a cute piece of recycled paper.