G’s parents have a dog, her name is Tasha, she is super cute and loves, absolutely loves to fetch. to the point you have to tell her off when you are watching TV or eating and she is frantically staring between you and a ball/ stick waiting for you to throw it.

We took her for a walk last weekend, it was very nice and even though it was a cold day, after walking up and down we got quite warm and decided to have a drink outdoors at a pub on the way back. (which after ordering we realized we didn’t have money, and they let us have the drinks anyway, trusting we would come back to pay – nice aspects of living on a small village)

They leave in a village called Appley Bridge, there is so much open space, and ,according to G, there used to be much more, it is nice to walk around and hear the stories of where he used to play, things he used to do and actually be where the event took place, makes it easier and much more fun to hear and imagine it happening.





{“free” pub drinks}