My family came to visit us a while back and during their stay we went to Madrid for the weekend. It was a great change –  from rainy Amsterdam to sunny Madrid. At the time I was wondering if that would have been the last time I would be able to wear shorts and a sleeveless top this year, and I guess I can say – Yes, it was.

We had a good time there, I found magical how people find ways to entertain you and get your attention – pure creativity –  They were so simple but I found myself wow-ing

It is funny how Ideas can seem easy to come up with when they are presented to you ready and finalized.

What is the greatest idea you have ever had?

{Gigantic Soap Balloons!}

{Everybody loves it }

{Jelly Bears made out of Jelly bears- simple & creative – seems easy to come up with huh?}

{Spiderman gets bad guys – G and my dad}

{Spiderman family}


Have a nice day everyone! – Nati